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How do existing members login to the new membership site?

Visit the Login Page. Your username is NSS followed by your NSS number, and your initial password is your zip code, unless you have visited this site previously and already changed your password to your own preference.

For example: Joe Caver with NSS# 123 and zip code 90210 logging in to the new membership site.

Username: NSS123
Password: 90210

After logging in you can reset your password or call office staff to assist in sending a password reset link to your email.

How do new members login to the membership site?

On the right-hand side of the page you will see the option to *Sign In.*

Login using the Username and Password that you created when you created your account.  Once you are able to login and access your account you will have the ability to change your Username and Password.

How do I login to site?

Near the top of the page you will see a link to the Member Portal.  Click on that tab and choose Member Central.  You will see a pop-up box labeled *Authentication Required.* 

Your User ID is your 5-digit NSS member number and your Password is your 5-digit Zip Code. 

Once in the Member’s Only pages you will have access to the back issues of the NSS News and the Journal of Cave and Karst Studies, as well as the business pages of the NSS and information of a more sensitive nature.

Please note the most recent NSS News and Journal of Cave and Karst Studies can be found at under the publications tab as well.


How do I sign up for a family membership?

Family Memberships must be sponsored by an NSS member with a full membership.

To sign up for a family membership have your sponsor login to the members site and access the sub-account page. The sub-account page has a signup link that can be used to allow a member to register as a sub-account (family member) under your NSS account.

Your family members (sub-accounts) have access to their own profiles as well.


How do I sign up for a Cave Diving Section (CDS) membership?


Where can I find my membership/renewal information and my membership card?

Sign-in to your account profile, look for the *Welcome* tab (followed by your name) at the top of the page with a drop-down option. 

Click on the drop down arrow and choose Account & Settings.

 Choose Payments & History and select the Membership tab.  This will give you a detailed listing of all payments received for membership.  This is also where you can View/Print your NSS Membership card.

Alternatively, click here.

Updating my address or contact information?

Login to your account, go to your Profile Home page.  Here you can update your name, address, phone number, email address or any other information reported on the page.  You can also set your Privacy controls on this page.  If you do not wish for your telephone number to be viewable by other members, you can make that information private.

Directory Search-Member Search is returning results for different states or names

Search will match against all keywords supplied in the search, so a search for a name or a location. Name Virginia will return results for Virginia and West Virginia. If you just want results for Virginia, enclose the word in double quotes like "Virginia".

How do I get administrative access to my Grotto's group page?

If you are a leader in your grotto and you'd like administrative access to your grotto's group page, please send an email to Be sure to include your grotto's name and your position in the grotto.

How do I find my membership card?

You can find an electronic copy of your membership card at You can access it in the membership area by going to Account & Settings > Payments & History > Membership > and clicking "View/Print my Membership Card."


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