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Member Benefits
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While $50 membership dues may seem like a lot, you can easily make your money back in discounts on caving gear, events, training, and more. There are also events you can only attend if you’re an NSS member, and caving organizations you must be an NSS member to join! And remember that the NSS has a discounted student membership for members under the age of 26!


  • Expertvoice: The NSS has partnered with Expertvoice to bring pro deals to NSS members, up to 45% off! These vary through the year but often cover clothes, hiking gear, and other outdoors gear. Instructions here.

  • Highline Ropes: HIGHLINE offers rope at 35 cents a foot for new members’ first order! This is a great deal for starting your gear collection out right!

  • Inner Mountain Outfitters. IMO offers new members 10% off their first order of gear. Also, when the NSS sends out an anniversary pin to an NSS member that entitles them to that amount of one item at their store. So, if you get an anniversary pin for 20 years you get 20% off one item at IMO. Of course some restrictions do apply.

  • On Rope 1: OR1 offers 10% off your first order at On Rope 1 as a new NSS member (in your first year of membership)! They also offer 10% off to grotto orders for all NSS grottos - new grotto officers, take note!


  • TAG Fall Cave-In: This is an epic and well known event held in the very heart of TAG. Over a thousand cavers from all over the east coast get together to camp, cave, compete in climbing contests, hear live music, and watch the massive bonfire. To attend you must be an NSS member or the guest of an NSS member, and it’s $10 less for members.

    • NSS Member discount: $10

  • NSS Convention: The National Speleological Society’s Convention is held yearly at beautiful locations across the United States. Cavers from all over the country, and even some from around the world, come to Convention to cave in new areas, give workshops, submit artwork, photos, and maps to salons, and hear presentations about exploration, biology, geology, photography, and everything else speleological you can imagine.

    • NSS Member discount: $50

  • Montana Cave Camp: The Northern Rocky Mountain Grotto has held a Cave Camp in Montana most summers of the past few years. Cave Camp has talks and workshops from well-known cavers, hands-on sketching, cartography, and other caving skills workshops, and the best Speleolympics course west of the Mississippi.

    • NSS Member discount (2017): $20

Total Savings: $80


  • NCRC National Seminar: The National Cave Rescue Commission (a commission of the National Speleological Society) offers a weeklong training at locations around the East Coast. Cavers can take Cave Rescue Levels 1-3, Team Operatons and Field Exercises, Small Party Assisted Rescue Extended, or Instructor Qualification courses. The National Seminar is attended by cavers from all over the country, who conduct training exercises in local caves, socialize and collaborate, and learn from some of the best cave rescue instructors in the country.

    • NSS Member discount (2018): $50

  • The NCRC also offers Orientation to Cave Rescue courses in regions across the United States. OCRs are weekend courses that help prepare cavers to participate in rescues. If you take an OCR in the Rocky Mountain region, there’s a $5-$10 discount for NSS members.

    • NSS Member discount (max): $10

Total Savings: $60

NSS Membership Required


  • Karst-O-Rama: KOR is an annual convention hosted by the Greater Cincinnati Grotto in Kentucky cave country, featuring cave trips, contests, a Howdy Party, and other fun activities. In order to attend you must be an NSS member, a member of an NSS grotto, or a guest of one of these two.

  • Schoharie Caverns Nature Preserve Caving Weekend: This caving weekend happens annually in New York and is a four-day event with guided trips to caves owned and preserved by the NSS. You must be an NSS member to attend.

 State Surveys are organizations that collect and manage cave data, including locations, maps, and information on rigging, landowner relations, access, etc. To join many of these surveys and benefit from their wealth of information, you must be a member of the NSS!

Grottos (internal organizations of the NSS) sometimes require NSS membership to join, and to be an officer of any chartered grotto of the NSS you must be an NSS member. Most of the active cave clubs in the United States are NSS grottos.


Other Discounts

  • Earth Magazine: NSS members get a subscription to Earth Magazine. The link is here; select "Member of an AGI Member Society or Associate Society" under "Qualification for Subscription," and then "National Speleological Society" to get your free subscription!

  • The Crash Pad: The Crash Pad is an upscale hostel located in downtown Chattanooga, which caters to climbers, cavers, and other outdoors adventurers in the heart of TAG. NSS members get 10% off a bunk, a private room, or any other accommodation - just mention your membership and give them your number when you book the room.